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With our established business track record MASC Tech has successfully obtained anExclusive Sole Distributorship for MACS Clinic MF260 Mobile Air-Conditioning System from principal manufacturers in Korea. We are also proud to announce that the MF260 Clinic has obtained CE Certification, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 from the respective Certification Board.

The MACS Clinic MF260 Mobile Air-Conditioning System ushers in a new era of convenience in maintaining and servicing of automobile air-conditioning system. The unit is developed using Japanese and Korean technology with the Principal manufacturer being based in Korea. It has proven to be very successful and environmentally friendly that it has established itself in; Ghana, Australia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

MACS Clinic MF260
Total Solution for Mobile Air-Conditioning System.

The MACS Clinic MF260 is easy to use with a microprocessor controlling all functions for HFC134a including evacuation time, flushing time and refrigerant charge. Programming is done thru a keypad with prompt providing direction. Once completed any oil removed from the A/C System is transferred into an oil recovery bottle; the quantity of oil removed can be measured and then an equal amount of fresh oil can be added into the system.

Mobile Air Conditioner Service Clinic MF Model

  • MASC Clinic MF200C
  • MASC Clinic MF260
  • MASC Clinic MF260 HD
  • MASC Clinic  MF260 Hybrid

Consumable Products & Accessories
MASC Tech also sells a wide range of consumables and accessories including;

Consumable Products

  • Air-Cond. Compressor Oil (PAG 46, PAG 100)
  • Pro-Seal
  • Pro-Dry
  • Pro-Stop
  • Pro-Oil
  • HFC 134A Oil Charge
  • Green Shower
  • Bio-Degreaser


  • One Push Quick Disconnecting Coupler
  • Toggle Quick Disconnecting Coupler
  • Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector
  • Air-Cond. Thermometer
  • Non Contact Thermometer
  • Swaging & Flaring Tools
  • Tubing Cutter


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